Jazzla Racing Kennels

Siberian Huskies

Bay of Plenty, New Zealand


Welcome to Jazzla Kennels. We are situated in New Zealand, in the Bay Of Plenty, North Island.

Kutia was my foundation bitch with whom I started my kennel. She has many championships to her name and has even been used in commercials.

Now I breed NZ type Alaskan Huskies (NZ Huskies) to produce Top Racing Dogs. I use a rig and bicycle to do most of my racing, but I have also entered snow sledding races on the South Island. I travelled to Northern Canada (British Columbia) and experienced running dogs on the snow.

To date I have 1 Tracking Champion, 2 Breed Champions & 7 Sleddog Champions.Come and view my team in action and visit with the dogs, we love the company.

Meet The Team Meet my team of racing/weight pulling huskies!


FASTRK Registered Kennel.
KIWI-COLLECTIONS. A great place to shop.
NZ Fed. Sled-dog Sports
Mt. Maunganui



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